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Leaving A Promotional Paper Trail

Staying in front of an audience while they aren’t browsing on their phones, tablets or desktops, relies on the traditional methods of print advertising. Whether it’s that banner they can see from a distance or an exchange of business cards, or that hard copy of literature they can take home for a later reminder. Relying on these traditional methods are effective means for branding and advertising.

So Many Options… So Get Creative

Don’t let your print advertising fall to the wayside as just another cost. It most definitely has it’s place in your business plan. I often advise my clients to start with the three basics.

  • Business Cards
  • Letter Head
  • Handout in either a Flyer, Brochure or 4 x 6 Card

Having these three items with a consistent look and feel gives your clients¬†the¬†impression you’re have a brand that you’re proud of. A brand that you are truly vested in.

Where To After This

Print advertising covers a very large spectrum for advertising your business. Your needs may vary from brochures, to ads, or banners. If you’re interested in a mobile billboard, check out my vinyl portfolio for some great ideas.

Either way, feel free to contact me for any inquiries.

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