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Creative Online Branding for Your Business

Adding digital marketing to your business plan increases your online presence. This ultimately┬ádrives traffic to your site, all while educating end users and increasing your brand recognition. In today’s online environment there are many resources to assist with maximizing your reach and there is plenty of data from the resources. Each can give you the insight you need to stay on top of your message and your return on investment.

Putting it all together.

There are many terms out there and more than enough to create some confusion. Targeting, remarketing, inbound or outbound marketing or on-boarding. Different platforms for ads such as:

  • Facebook Power Editor & Dark posts
  • Google Search or Display Network with AdWords
  • Double Click or Admob
  • Twitter or Instagram.

Different types of ads range from animated GIF’s, animated HTML5, Facebook Canvas, video or carousel. And well, how does all of this tie into your keywords, SEO, custom audiences, site content and overall performance?

I know, it’s a lot!

If you have questions and don’t quite understand the ins and the outs feel free to check out my portfolio.

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