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Thanks for taking the time to check out my About the Artist page…

My journey in digital media has been a long, exciting, fun, educational and ever-changing-pace journey that has not only driven me to want to learn more but… I actually learned more! It has been a beautiful melting pot with all of my other artistic mediums. And what do you know, I have my own About the Artist page!!!!!

In design, branding, marketing, digital media etc. etc. etc. knowledge of your tools combined with experience is nothing without the ability to listen and give a client what they want with a touch of your style.

I may not always listen to everyone in my life (love you babe) but I always listen to my clients. I want to learn from them and hear them, so that I can give them the best direction. There is an extreme fulfillment in knowing your helping someone else’s dream come true.




I went to school in 2001 at Clark University in Cambridge, MA so I could at least get certified in design. This was after taking some design and fine art courses at Mitchell College in CT. I knew that I always had the creativity and I always had the software ( I remember building Flash in 02′), I just didn’t have that piece of paper that said I knew what I was doing.

I got my first job when I moved back to CT in 03′, it was a referral from a friend at a local print shop. I was nervous and inexperienced, so I told them I would take $2 less, just give me a shot. Well, they gave me a shot and then let me go after about 3 months. It was tough timing because we were right in the middle of buying a house, and well, I needed the reference. Anyway, it was a learning experience and a building block.

My next design job wasn’t until two and a half years later. After losing my job during a house purchase, I needed to work. So I took a warehouse position as a night shift picker. It was tough, but you do what you have to right? Two years into the warehouse position I was asked to go to the front office. They found my resume on file and were interested in hiring me for a design job.

I was excited… day job, artistic opportunity, big dreams, superstar… you know. Seriously, they hired me but the catch was they wanted to fire the guy I was replacing first. Right before Christmas!!!! I told them I could wait, I just felt awful knowing that would be the case.

So the new year rolls around and I’m working in a very large, family owned supply chain. I am going to be an entry level designer for all print advertising. Life was good, new house, new dog, newly wed.

I was working for a very demanding boss. She was tough and regimented, but always had a vision. It wasn’t easy, but she took me in, mentored me and guided me (she is now the head of marketing and events for the same company). I could not have been any more fortunate.

In 07′ this great family owned business is bought out by a very large, corporate company. Not bad news… yet. I am fortunate once again to be mentored by a gentleman who has years of experience not just in the industry, but marketing. I am now a Jr. Designer, for an international company, the largest in it’s industry.




Lets wrap this up. After 7 years they moved my position to Florida, and I was out of a job. At that point I treated my unemployment like a job. I studied HTML, CSS, javascript, AS3 and web design as a whole. I began freelancing. I then landed a job in a large scale print environment for a little over two and a half years. One of our clients offered me a position and asked me to help brand his new business nationally. It was a great Sr. Level opportunity that would take my knowledge to new levels.

This is where I became heavily involved in marketing, branding, social, digital advertising, strategy, campaigns and every other hat you can fit under the umbrella. Combine this with my already deep knowledge of my design tools, my ability to process and manage, I am a one mean, marketing machine! Well, I can at least be proud of where I am in life. It’s because of the dedication to my craft, my clients and the love I have for what I do.

I believe that’s enough about the artist.

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