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Thanks for taking the time to check out my About the Artist page…

My journey in digital media has been a long, exciting, fun, educational and ever-changing-pace journey that has not only driven me to want to learn more but… I actually learned more! It has been a beautiful melting pot with all of my other artistic mediums. 

In design, branding, marketing, digital media etc. etc. etc. knowledge of your tools combined with experience is nothing without the ability to listen and give a client what they want with a touch of your style.

I may not always listen to everyone in my life (love you babe) but I always listen to my clients. I want to learn from them and hear them, so that I can give them the best direction. There is an extreme fulfillment in knowing your helping someone else’s dream come true.




I’ve been in the design industry since 2003. In 2010 my primary shifted towards web UI/UX design and coding.

My creative background expands across many industries and many types of both small and large scale design. I’ve held roles of that have given me amazing opportunities to be mentored, or had me in a Sr. position of marketing for a startup that grew to $4.5m in sales in less than 4 years.

I take pride in being a creative problem solver, testing and implementing streamlined processes in both autonomous and team environments. I’m always reading and learning to remain up to date on trends, software, apps and industry news.

I love people, I love to talk and I love the stories of life. I embrace challenges and learn from my failures.

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